Feb 23, 2021

500,000 Died Because the President Lied

500,000 Americans died,
because the Bully-In-Chief lied,
because he sought Vladimir's pride,
because vanity and ignorance thrive.

In this work the President is Donald Trump. *
President Trump covered up the severity of the Covid-19 outbreak. *
Bob Woodward was told by the President about the severity of Covid-19 but he sat on the information in order to sell more books. *
Presidendt Trump downlplayed the effectiveness of masks to slow the spread. *
President Trump lied about the country's ability to produce and manufacture vaccines. *
President Trump allied himslef with ant-vaxxers and groups that claim the virus is a hoax. *
President Trump stated the virus would just disappear by the summer of 2020. *

Human Traffic

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