Feb 23, 2021

500,000 Died Because the President Lied

500,000 Americans died,
because the Bully-In-Chief lied,
because he sought Vladimir's pride,
because vanity and ignorance thrive.

In this work the President is Donald Trump. *
President Trump covered up the severity of the Covid-19 outbreak. *
Bob Woodward was told by the President about the severity of Covid-19 but he sat on the information in order to sell more books. *
Presidendt Trump downlplayed the effectiveness of masks to slow the spread. *
President Trump lied about the country's ability to produce and manufacture vaccines. *
President Trump allied himslef with ant-vaxxers and groups that claim the virus is a hoax. *
President Trump stated the virus would just disappear by the summer of 2020. *

Feb 17, 2021

Let Hate Die

When racists and hatemongers die,
don't utter their name,
let them be forgotten,
but remember the one lesson they shared -
hate is easier to spread than love, and takes far less effort.

Feb 5, 2021

450,000 dead

The numbers are climbing
the vaccines are straining
pragmatics isolating
anonymous spreading
the disease.

Space Harem

Grooming the next generation of engineers, grooming the next generation of trillionaires, populating Mars,  Texas,  employees.