Apr 28, 2023

Supremely Courted

Take the judge out on a date,

Take the judge out on a lake,

buying gifts to over-state,

Despite decisions to undertake.

Pay for the jurist's country club,

pay for shows and ticket stubs,

pay for house and cars and such,

decisions to come not un-sus,

No oversight - they think it's mean,

to second guess their high esteem,

to know what's right they guarantee,

all sacrosanct the nine believe.

Apr 26, 2023

F is for Florida

Times have changed,

Politicians are getting worse!

They won't address the truth,

They just hold press conferences and curse!

oh they blame the government

and woke society

and they blame the internet, tik tok and tv!

so, f*ck Florida!

f*ck Florida!

With DeSantis' beady eyes,

And flapping mouth so full of lies!

f*ck Florida!

f*ck Florida!

We need save the libraries!

before Florida closes them all!

Don't blame Ron,

he doesn't understand,

He saw a cartoon mouse,

And now he's recruiting for the Klan!

And DeSantis heard once,

that drag queens had some fun,

But now he outlaws dresses worn by anyone!

Well, f*ck Florida!!

f*ck Florida!!

It seems that everything's gone wrong,

Since Desantis came along!

f*ck Florida!

f*ck Florida!

Florida's not even a country anyway!

My son could have been a doctor or a lawyer, rich and true,

Instead he was shot up trapped inside a public school!

Should we blame the gun laws?

or the lack of policy?

Or the police who failed to respond to the emergency?

Heck no!

f*ck Florida!!

f*ck Florida!!

With all the woke hullabaloo,

And that orange Maga crew

f*ck Florida!

Shame on Florida


The rage we must stop,

The trash they reelect,

The slaughter and guns,

republicans come undone,

They cry and cause a fuss,

And their hate rants are aimed at us!

All tuckered out

Lying liar that lied about lying,

wore out the welcome from the wrinkly oligarch,

was not the lies that befuddle the hatemonger,

was getting outed not supporting them. 

Apr 21, 2023


What does the fox say?


What does the oligarch say?


What do the people say?

Apr 2, 2023


Orange you glad I didn't say vindicated,

orange you glad the clown is implicated,

orange you glad criminal behavior indicated,

orange you glad he gets adjudicated,

don't cha bet he'll be incarcerated.

Space Harem

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