Mar 13, 2023

Silicone Capitalism

Techno dollars, plastic accounts,

Incubate silently, suddenly cashing out,

Planning a clandestine flight,

Overruled the oversight,

When Feds come knocking on the door,

bail out the billionaires on the backs of the poor.

* According to the Washington Examiner: Silicon Valley Bank CEO Greg Becker cashed out stock options in the weeks leading up to Friday's collapse, netting him a $2.27 million profit, public filings reveal. 

 ** According to Fortune, SVB CEO Greg Becker lobbied for the the relaxation of regulations on SVB and the regional banking system.

**According to Bloomberg, Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel's Founders Fund had no cash left in Silicon Valley Bank by the time the Feds took over the failing institution. 



Space Harem

Grooming the next generation of engineers, grooming the next generation of trillionaires, populating Mars,  Texas,  employees.